How to Deal with Compassion Fatigue

Stressed Veterinarian
What it is, what it isn't and what can be done
Compassion fatigue can affect anyone in the role of healer, helper, or rescuer. For a number of  reasons, those in the veterinary profession are especially vulnerable. Profoundly significant, it is recognized as the greatest threat to personal, professional and financial success among those who truly provide compassionate care. Compassion fatigue can not only affect physical and  mental health, but also professional competence and success and vocational direction and development, ultimately impacting patients, clients, team members and the bottom line.
This video covers:
  • What is compassion fatigue
  • Why veterinary team members are especially vulnerable
  • How compassion fatigue affects individuals, teams, and practices
  • How you, your team, and practice can manage it


We hope this session gives you insight to do things differently and set measurable commitments. 

Written by:
Dr. Debbie Stoewen
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