Stefani Kingsbury - Ambassador, Canada

Stefani grew up in a small town north of Toronto and her love for animals was noticed from an early age. As a child she rescued wildlife with the help of her family and nursed/raised them back to health so that they could be released back into the wild around her home.  She always had cats and dogs, but she really fell in love with raccoons and squirrels.  Her parents helped in everyway to nurture her love for animals, so when she decided to become a Veterinary Technician they were not surprised.  Her career spans 27 years within the small animal field including Research, Small Animal Clinics, Orthopedic Surgery, 24 Hour Emergency and Management.  Her experiences give her a strong background to help bring awareness to the ever-growing needs of Veterinary Medicine.  Whenever called upon, Stefani comes to the aid of orphaned kittens and along with her family raise them, feeding every 2 hours to the time they are ready to meet their forever families.  She lives just north of Toronto with her husband Stephen and 3 children, Samantha, Sean and Simon.  The house is never quiet with her young Golden Retriever “Jax” chasing his two feline buddies Symba and Ash around.   She is very proud & excited to be a part of the Pets Plus Us team!