DALI - $1,654 Claim for Fractured Femoral Neck

Within the first week of bringing Dali home from his rescue foster home, Dali experienced a fall and fractured his femoral neck. Unfortunately, we had not yet applied for pet insurance, and had to pay these expenses (about $2,000) out of pocket. Needless to say, we were quick to get our application in following this unexpected event. We purchased Accident & Illness insurance, and hoped we wouldn't need to use it anytime soon. However, within a couple months, we noticed that Dali was limping again. After a visit to our vet, we were told he had fractured his other femoral neck - apparently this injury is common in larger young male cats. We immediately submitted our claim to Pets Plus Us, requesting pre-approval for Dali's surgery costs (another $2,000 bill). Having pet health insurance certainly helped take some of the stress out of having our cat undergo surgery and four weeks of cage rest again. Based on their compassion and understanding with our experience, I would highly recommend Pets Plus Us to anyone seeking peace of mind for their pet's health.

Melanie S.